The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Developer Salary

Spring is the most used framework, and Java developers skilled in the Spring framework are in high demand. Be prepared to offer the highest pay scale you can afford if you want to hire Spring Developers.

The Ultimate Guide to a Spring Developer Salary
Spring developer salaries


Various research and polls conducted on the developer community reveal that Java is the most popular language worldwide, and JavaScript is the most widely used programming language. While languages such as Python, Julia, R, Go, are in demand, Java remains an all-time favourite among language developers. Researchers also conclude that within Java, Spring is the most used framework, and Java developers skilled in the Spring framework are in high demand. In this article, we will see the different trends in the pay scale of Spring Developers across the globe.

The US and UK are the two largest job markets all over the world, specifically for IT professionals, including Java Developers. The pay scale of Spring Developers varies according to their experience and location. For the UK, the salary of a Spring Developer ranges between 45K pounds and 75K pounds. The cities in the UK having the most demand for this skill are London, England, and Yorkshire. The other expected skills include Java8, micro-services, Docker, SQL, DevOps, and Agile.

Similarly, for the US, the pay scale of Spring Developers varies between $75K and $120K, with California and Connecticut as the highest-paid cities. New York and Chicago have the most demand for Spring Developers. The primary companies hiring for the role are  Deloitte, UST Global, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Average base salary for Spring developers

Average Spring Developer Salary in USA 2021

Be prepared to offer the highest pay scale you can afford if you want to hire Spring Developers. The average salary of a Spring Developer in the US is $75.95 per hour or $148,106 per year. The average annual salary for entry-level Spring Developers is $110,016, whereas for experienced professionals it is $175,500.

salary/ annum for Spring developers

The average salary of a Spring Developer in the US according to Indeed

The average salary of Spring developers in the US is $103,348/yr. While the average salary for junior posts is  $78,789, the average salary for senior Java Developers is $105,776.

The average salary of a Spring Developer in the USA according to PayScale

As per PayScale, the average salary of Java developers with Spring skills get an average of $78,260/yr, as conducted by a survey in April’21.

The salary trends of Spring Developers in 2021 suggest California, Connecticut, Utah, Oregon, and Kentucky offer the highest salary of $175,500 annually. New York offers the next highest salary of $170,000 per year, and the next state New Jersey offers $136,500 per year, while Virginia offers $130,000 per year. Illinois offers the lowest salary of $97,500 annually to Spring Developers.

State-wise salary for Spring developers

Spring Developers Salary by Experience

The pay scale of Spring Developers varies with experience. Refer to the below table to understand the salary variation:

Years of experience Salary in 2021
0-1 year $61,000
1-4 years $76,000
5-9 years $83,000
10-19years $99,000
>20 years $114,000

Spring Developers Salary by Employer

The salary of Spring Developers also varies with the employer. The top employer on the list is JP Morgan Chase & Company or JPMCC. It is the biggest financial and banking service company that pays the Spring Developers an amount of INR 1,200,000 annually. HCL Technologies and Amdocs are next on the list. Deloitte, Infosys Limited, Cognizant, Capgemini and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) are some of the other players that offer competitive salaries to Spring developers. Refer to the table below to under the variation:

Company wise salary for Spring developers

Spring Developer Salary by Countries

Looking at the global salary trends for Spring Developers, the US sits at the top. While many other countries pay competitive salaries to  Spring Developers, the US pays the highest salary with an average of $110,016 per year, followed by Switzerland and the UK with an average salary of $97,938 and $88599, respectively. The average salary of Spring Developers varies from $60,000 to $75000 in Germany and Denmark. Sweden, Netherlands, and Finland pay a salary of less than $50,000, and India being the lowest, offers around $13,769.

Country Average Salary per year
USA $110,016
Switzerland $97,938
UK $88,599
Israel $79,257
Norway $78,800
Denmark $75,479
Germany $61,002
Sweden $57,916
Netherlands $57,341
Finland $53,681
India $13,769

Will Spring Framework Grow in the Future?

Spring framework is the topmost framework currently and will continue to grow in its popularity for developing web applications. It is lightweight, easy to use, and makes Java simple to learn and cloud-ready. Earlier, Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) was a big competition to Spring framework but with time Spring won because of its active development capability and fast to react with changing environment. Spring framework is the number one framework on the list because of its useful features. It will continue to grow in the JVM ecosystem.

Top 10 Java Frameworks of 2020

  • Spring
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Apache Wicket
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  • Dropwizard
  • Grails
  • Play
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

The above list depicts the top 10 frameworks in order of popularity and usage. However, the usage of the framework and its popularity varies according to the country. As an example, Spring is the most used Java framework in India and  the US. In Australia, the preferred and most used framework is hibernate. Google Web Toolkit is most used in New Zealand. A combination of frameworks is used in specific regions of the world.

Java frameworks by countries

Top Spring Framework 2021

Below are the top 3 Java frameworks mostly used:

Spring: Spring is open-source and is mainly used in Enterprise applications. It allows the developers to build modules, where the framework handles all the dependencies instead of the libraries present within the code. The primary features of Spring, including configuration and security, makes it easy to use and learn. Moreover, it has a large and active community owing to its popularity. The use of Spring Framework makes the code easy to comprehend and clean.

Struts: Struts is also an open-source framework used for building web applications. The framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC). It separates the model, view, and controller but binds them together using the configuration file, say struts-config.xml. Also, a group of tag libraries maintains the view. The controller has the Action Servlet, which offers the developers a platform to write templates. ActionForm maintains the user data. Though Struts uses MVC, it is much easier to set up with more extensibility and flexibility as compared to the traditional MVC, which used JSP and servlets.

Hibernate: Hibernate is a Java framework that has simplified the interaction of Java applications with the database. It is also an open-source and lightweight framework used to map a relational database with an object-oriented model. It is basically an Object Relational Mapping database (ORM) for the web applications created in Java. The queries used in Hibernate are called Hibernate Query Language (HQL). The mapping information of database configuration and Java classes is stored in the file hibernate.cfg.xml. All in all, Hibernate solves the problem of JDBC as it offers an abstraction layer to loosely couple the code with the database.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Spring Developer

Spring is a Java framework, which is the most preferred by developers across the world for application development. The most important feature of the Spring framework is that it is compatible with every Java application. The framework eases the development of enterprise-based and web-based applications. It also acts as an Inversion-of-Control (IOC) container class for Java.

Now, talking about the roles and responsibilities that a Spring developer has to perform. The Spring Developer works in such a way to get the maximum from the framework and achieve the result-driven solution. The Spring Developers provide the support along with Java development. Here is the list of key responsibilities of a Spring developer:

  • Make use of the tools, such as Maven, Java, Hibernate, Cloud, and many more to make the application development more efficient.
  • Manage the projects based upon Java testing and object-oriented development.
  • Create automation tools to fast track the task and ease out the repetitive tasks.
  • Develop, design, implement, document, and test the software.
  • Maintain the already developed software and build new methodologies.

Skills of a Spring developer

Below is the list of skills that you need to become a successful Spring Developer:

  • Good understanding of SDLC methodologies, such as waterfall, agile, and more. and application development
  • Working knowledge of Spring IO and Spring boot
  • Hands-on knowledge of multithreading, collections, and Java servlets
  • Understanding of XML, XSLT, and XSL
  • Expertise in the implementation of Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) design patterns, which include MVC, Singleton, business delegate, DAO, DTO, and session façade
  • Good understanding of ANT, AJAX, Web Services, JMS, Hibernate, and JNDI
  • Experience in various Spring framework, including AOP, Spring JDBC, IOC, and Spring MVC
  • Working knowledge of IDE for GUI design and application development
  • Good understanding of MySQL, Oracle, and RDBMS


Spring Developers are in high demand globally,  and get a handsome salary for their superlative skill sets. Looking at the trends from various sources, we can conclude that the demand for Spring developers will continue to increase in the future. So, if you are a Java skilled professional and want to enhance your skills, think about learning the Spring framework. It allows you to grow both in terms of salary and profile.