TestDome vs Adaface

The key differences between TestDome and Adaface are:

Breadth of skills covered


TestDome is focused on testing for popular tech and non-tech skills. They have about 100 tests that focus on testing for ~ 50 of the most popular tech skills and their combinations.


Adaface covers a wide range of tech and non-tech skills. Within tech, Adaface covers junior and senior roles for software engineering, web development, data science, database skills, devops, cybersecurity, analytics etc. They also have assessments for non-tech skills like Excel, accounting, marketing etc. Overall Adaface is able to test candidates for 700+ skills.

Candidate experience

Instead of a traditional assessment, a conversational assessment on Adaface uses friendly messaging and an intelligent chatbot, Ada to engage candidates and screen them for the role. Conversational assessments are the best way to start a relationship with your candidates.

Ada provides a friendly experience to candidates throughout the assessment (right from a warm invitation email, to giving details about the role & company, giving hints they are stuck etc.) and makes sure that candidates have a smile on their face at the end of the chat, irrespective of how well they did on the assessments.

Read our approach to conversational assessments or check out our wall of love.

Feature wise comparison

Skills assessment

Feature Adaface TestDome
Coding tests
No. of programming languages supported 32 32
No. of IT skill tests 700+ 100+
Aptitude assessments -
Non-IT tests (Excel, Accounting, Marketing)
Adaptive assessments -
Custom assessments (built by experts) -
Premium questions -

Candidate friendly features

Feature Adaface TestDome
Candidate engagement -
Company FAQs -
Fully customizable email templates
Rejection emails -

Anti-plagiarism suite

Feature Adaface TestDome
Web proctoring
Video proctoring
Social listening for task leaks
Plagiarism detection

Reporting and Analytics

Feature Adaface TestDome
Easy to share reports and scorecards
Exportable/ downloadable scorecards -
Benchmarking of candidates -
Recruiting analytics -

Ease of use

Feature Adaface TestDome
Share public link to invite candidates
Cancel unused invites
ATS integrations
API integrations
Internationalization -
Candidate pipeline management -

Enterprise friendly

Feature Adaface TestDome
White-labelling options -
Custom branding -
Chatbot support -
User, role and access management
Campus hiring support -
Dedicated account manager -
EEOC compliant
GDPR compliant


Both Adaface and TestDome are pre-employment screening software that allow companies to automate first round interviews. While some features are similar (like proctoring, social listening for questions leaking) they have major differences that one might consider while deciding which solution to choose.

What is Adaface?

Adaface helps you identify the top candidates for all your tech roles and save crucial engineering time by screening candidates with 750+ custom assessments for on-the-job skills (all programming languages, frameworks, aptitude). Top candidates prefer Adaface because our bot, Ada has a friendly chat involving relevant code challenges with them as opposed to asking trick questions on a test.

What is TestDome?

TestDome is a technical screening platform that companies can use to conduct skills assessments. Candidates go through a coding test/ MCQ test as part of the screening process and aim to solve coding challenges to prove their programming/ algorithmic ability.