Screening Candidates: A How-To Guide For Recruiters

Screening Candidates: A How-To Guide For Recruiters

You post a job opening and hundreds of applications start rolling in. Identifying the right candidates from the noise can be challenging. This book has everything you need to know to screen and identify top talent.


7 key recruitment metrics you should keep track of

Whether the key issue is a terribly long application process, asking candidates to jump through too many hoops, an unfriendly screening process or an unresponsive recruitment team, recruitment metrics can help uncover these issues and fix them iteratively.

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7 step process for screening candidates

Candidates are always looking for red flags and everything that forms a part of the candidate experience is a factor in what type of talent you're able to attract and hire. Here's a simple screening process that will enable you to identify the top candidates, while giving everyone a positive candidate experience

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Use Conversational Assessments (not traditional tests)

Conversational assessments are the most candidate friendly way to get insights into a candidate's on-the-job skills and suitability for a role, while providing for a delightful candidate experience.

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Using Aptitude Tests in Your Recruitment Process

Aptitude tests measures the ability of an applicant to perform tasks and react to situations at work. Find out how to aptitude tests in your hiring process to measure specific skills, attributes, and abilities.

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Why Engineers Won't Do Your Coding Test

50% engineers straight out refuse to do status quo assessments (based on our research with 100+ companies in SEA). Here are the most common reasons why.

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How to setup an effective coding test (a guide for hiring managers)

We sat with the subject matter experts at Adaface to breakdown their process to set up coding tests that fit job requirements to reduce false positives and false negatives.

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The (dreaded) take-home assignment

If implemented correctly, take-home assignments can serve as an effective filter in the hiring process. This article tell you the ins and outs of take-home assignments.

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