HackerRank vs Adaface

HackerRank vs Adaface

Adaface vs HackerRank (Key Differences)

1. Question bank

Adaface: Adaface questions are designed to test for on-the-job skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge. They are designed to simulate scenarios that the candidates might come across while performing the role, are hence the scores reflective of qualifications for the job. There are no trick questions included just to filter out candidates. Every candidate gets a fair chance to showcase their skills.

You can check Adaface sample questions.

HackerRank: HackerRank has a vast library of questions aimed at core internal concepts of data structures and algorithms. These questions are proven to test candidates ability to optimize hard algorithms within the time constraints. This works best for roles that require niche algorithm design skills, similar to that of a competitive programmer or to test fresh graduates.

2. Test taking rate

Adaface: Our conversational assessments have an average completion rate of 86%.

HackerRank: Traditional assessment platforms like HackerRank see a test taking rate of ~50%. In some geographies, this can be as low as 30%.

3. Candidate experience and candidate sentiment

Instead of forcing candidates to go through a traditional assessment, conversational assessments use friendly messaging and intelligent chatbots to engage candidates and screen them for your role. Conversational assessments are the best way to start a relationship with your candidates.

We understand how much candidate experience matters. Our bot, Ada, provides a friendly experience to candidates throughout the assessment (right from a warm invitation email, to giving details about the role & company, giving hints they are stuck etc.) and making sure that candidates have a smile on their face at the end of the chat, irrespective of the result.

Read our approach to conversational assessments or check out our wall of love.

A simple google search is enough to show the candidate sentiment for a technical screening platform.

Candidate sentiment for HackerRank

Candidate sentiment for HackerRankCandidate sentiment for HackerRankCandidate sentiment for HackerRankCandidate sentiment for HackerRankCandidate sentiment for HackerRank

Candidate sentiment for Adaface

Other reasons to use Adaface:

Custom assessments

Adaface assessments are tailored to your job description by our subject matter experts from our library of 10000+ non-googleable questions. Once you sign up for any of our plans, you can request custom assessments from your dashboard, which will be set up in <48 hours. Here's what you can do with custom assessments:

  1. Multiple skills: We can set up custom tests which can test candidates for multiple skills. For eg. for your accounting role, the test can have questions on accounting, finance, Excel, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning and English.
  2. Experience level/ salary: The assessments will be customized in difficulty according to the experience level you are targeting.
  3. Adaptive assessments: For e.g. for your front-end engineering role you are looking for a candidate who is proficient in either React or Angular, the candidate will first be asked for their preference, and they will be asked questions on only that skill.

Aptitude assessments

In addition to technical and coding assessments, Adaface also offers a wide range of aptitude based assessments. Check out our range of conversational aptitude tests.

Assessments for non-technical roles

Adaface also offers assessments for non-technical roles like the Excel Test, Google Adwords Test, Customer Service Test, Accounting Test etc. Check out the full list of 700+ tests.

Short assessments

Candidates have reserved lesser time for giving assessments. For this particular reason, we design short assessments so that candidate invests as less time as possible, but still enough to showcase their expertise.

Great customer service

Whether your team needs an onboarding session or you have a question, we are here to support you. All Adaface plans include 24*7 chat support, which means you can ping us right when you have a question and have it answered in <5 minutes.

Adaface vs HackerRank (Feature wise comparison)

Skills assessment

Feature Adaface HackerRank
Coding tests
No. of programming languages supported 32 32
No. of IT skill tests 700+ 100+
Aptitude assessments -
Non-IT tests (Clerical, Legal, Accounting, Retail Sales) -
Adaptive assessments -
Custom assessments (built by experts) - -
Premium questions -

Candidate friendly features

Feature Adaface HackerRank
Candidate engagement -
Company FAQs -
Fully customizable email templates
Rejection emails -

Anti-plagiarism suite

Feature Adaface HackerRank
Web proctoring
Video proctoring
Social listening for task leaks
Plagiarism detection

Reporting and Analytics

Feature Adaface HackerRank
Easy to share reports and scorecards
Exportable/ downloadable scorecards
Benchmarking of candidates -
Recruiting analytics

Ease of use

Feature Adaface HackerRank
Share public link to invite candidates
Cancel unused invites
ATS integrations
API integrations
Share public link to invite candidates
Candidate pipeline management

Enterprise friendly

Feature Adaface HackerRank
White-labelling options -
Custom branding -
Chatbot support -
User, role and access management
Campus hiring support -
Dedicated account manager
EEOC compliant
GDPR compliant


Both Adaface and HackerRank are pre-employment screening software that allow companies to automate first round interviews. While some features are similar (like proctoring, social listening for questions leaking) they have major differences that one might consider while deciding which solution to choose.

What is Adaface?

Adaface helps you identify the top candidates for all your tech roles and save crucial engineering time by screening candidates with 750+ custom assessments for on-the-job skills (all programming languages, frameworks, aptitude). Top candidates prefer Adaface because our bot, Ada has a friendly chat involving relevant code challenges with them as opposed to asking trick questions on a test.

What is HackerRank?

HackerRank is a huge community of developers. It also has a technical screening platform that companies can use to conduct online coding tests for first round screening. Candidates go through a timeboxed coding test as part of the screening process and aim to solve competitive programming challenges to prove their algorithm designing skills.