DevSkiller vs Adaface

Key differences between DevSkiller and Adaface

1. Question bank


DevSkiller, as the name suggests is focused on developer testing. The prime focus is on testing of frameworks (in addition to testing of programming languages) via a task that resembles a real world scenario.


Adaface questions are designed to test for on-the-job skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge.

They are designed to simulate scenarios that the candidates might come across while performing the role, are hence the scores reflective of qualifications for the job. There are no trick questions included just to filter out candidates.

Most developers today have a strong preference of IDE (integrated development environment) that they've customized in a way that helps them write code seamlessly. A test environment is unfamiliar, and it's harder for a developer to write code optimally. This is especially true when the test requires the use of not just a programming language in a simple code editor but instead is testing for front-end/ backend code framework capabilities.

For that reason, we test framework knowledge via scenario based MCQ questions where the candidate is presented with code for a real life situation, which they need to understand to predict/ debug something.

You can check Adaface sample questions.

2. Breadth of skills covered


DevSkiller is focused on testing for tech skills- programming languages and frameworks.


Adaface covers a wide range of tech and non-tech roles. Within tech, Adaface covers junior and senior roles for software engineering, web development, data science, database skills, devops, cybersecurity, analytics etc. They also have assessments for non-tech skills like problem solving, critical thinking, Excel, accounting, marketing etc.

Feature-wise comparison

Skills assessment

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
Coding tests
No. of programming languages supported 32 32
No. of IT skill tests 700+ 100+
Aptitude assessments -
Non-IT tests (Excel, Accounting, Marketing) -
Adaptive assessments -
Custom assessments (built by experts) -
Premium questions -

Candidate friendly features

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
Candidate engagement -
Company FAQs -
Fully customizable email templates
Rejection emails -

Anti-plagiarism suite

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
Web proctoring
Video proctoring
Social listening for task leaks -
Plagiarism detection

Reporting and Analytics

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
Easy to share reports and scorecards
Exportable/ downloadable scorecards
Benchmarking of candidates -
Recruiting analytics

Ease of use

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
Share public link to invite candidates -
Cancel unused invites
ATS integrations
API integrations
Candidate pipeline management

Enterprise friendly

Feature Adaface DevSkiller
White-labelling options -
Custom branding -
Chatbot support -
User, role and access management
Campus hiring support -
Dedicated account manager
EEOC compliant
GDPR compliant